Storm the Shore! Shore Siege is back!

Yarrr! Calling all pirates! Ye be shipwrecked on an Island full 'o' monsters. It's up to you to defend your ship against countless hordes of vile beast and repair the ship to the point where ye can escape! Good luck, matey!

Back and better than ever, Shore Siege 2 is updated with new graphics, more exciting game play and more challenges. Both newbies and L33T flash gamers will find plenty of fun here... so what are you waiting for, play Shore Siege 2 now!

Shore Siege 2 Screenshots

What pirates say about Shore Siege 2

"Salty dog tested, Pirate approved"
After extensive testing, we are excited to announce that Shore Siege 2 is Pirate Approved. Patch over one eye? No problem. Left hand a hook? Increases the game's difficulty, but still not impossible. Shore Siege 2 is approved for all pirates.

"Shore Siege 2... it's better than a bit'o'rum"
Pirates everywhere agree that Shore Siege 2 is better for what ales, excuse me, ails you. Don't waste your piece'o'eight on swill... play Shore Siege 2 for free.

"It's time to play, me hearties."
Avast ye all! Shore Siege 2 is available now to play on Armor Games. Shiver me timbers!

"Don't feel sorry for the monsters."
No real or virtual monsters were hurt in the creation of Shore Siege 2. An even if there were, THEY ARE MONSTERS and need a bit'o'cannonfire to put 'em in their place. Some may say we are responsible for the trouble, when our ship invaded their beach. But at the end of the day, they're monsters. YARRRRRRR!